Where appropriate, we offer our clients the opportunity to set-up maintenance service agreements to cover the following services.

Newscom offers a 24/7 hotline with expert assistance.  Access to technical assistance 24 hours per day, 7 days per week should you require any.

Newscom can offer you on-site intervention, prioritised scheduling of filed service technicians.

Optional – A field service technician can be mobilised to site within a pre-determined time period (in-line with your maintenance contract) should you require urgent site assistance.

Newscom can supply you with emergency spare parts delivery. In consultation with our customers we will determine a list of critical spare parts and would these parts would be made available for dispatch from the distribution centre 24/7 as part of the maintenance contract.

Administration fee wavered.  Contract customers will not be subject to the administration fee which is applicable for unscheduled site intervention.


Newscom is committed to providing the best service for key customers, to help them with all components associated with data and telephony maintenance to their sites.  Our contract will enable infrastructure services to be reassured their data and telephony maintenance requirements are serviced promptly and professionally, to requirements both current and in the future.

Newscom believes with our ongoing relationship, site experience through many years of prior maintenance and installation works, and staff with extensive site knowledge, we can provide you with a premium level of service.

Existing Maintenance Contracts

Newscom at present has several existing maintenance contracts with several companies, in particular we have contracts with three large national.  These contracts are multi-national companies who have had Newscom on their sites for over 10 years and have been very happy with the regular service, great workmanship and reliability we bring to their business, in particular their building maintenance.

Newscom’s philosophy on these contracts is to provide reliable and one person contact for the majority of works so that there is a constant presence by the same Technician on site.  This contract philosophy brings better reliability and a great reassurance to the customer that they have the correct person on site for each facet of the building service and maintenance.